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Video Production - Branded Content - Campbell - Tourism

A food giant believed it was their responsibility to help do something about the shortage and quality of food at food banks. They decided to act and produce a meal in a can that could offer better, healthier food. Campbell was not interested in taking any kind of profits. We were brought in because of our ability to tell story and make sure that the story of Nourish came through as genuinely as their intentions. This video was part of a broader campaign and was quite successful. This was our first documentary branded content short film and we are quite proud of it.

Brand: Tourism Toronto - Video Production

This is one of our proudest awards. When Tourism Toronto approached us to do a film about welcoming the world to Toronto for the first ever WorldPride, we insisted that the invite to Americans be from Americans. It is our hope that one day the walls built up by prejudices and differences will dissolve so that we can all accept each other for who we are.

Brand: Tourism Toronto - Video Production

Though the LGTBQ topic still remains one that is emotional and controversial, it never the less needs to be told. The outpour of positive comments we received on Facebook was something to be quite proud of. This was a successful campaign for Tourism Toronto. Check out these stats. 790K YouTube Views. 11K Facebook likes. 4K Shares. 3K Comments.

Brand: Tourism Toronto - Video Production

Quote from Youtube – “This made me start tearing up. Forget the past and hate filled prejudice and move on to a world that accepts everyone”. Though Canada has a long history of acceptance of the LGTBQ community, the struggle is still very much alive in the U.S. and a lot of other countries around the world. We need to get past our differences and come together as one kind of people. The human kind.

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