[hsv_intro title="CINEMAGRAPHS ARE THE SEXIER, MORE CINEMATIC ALTERNATIVE TO ANIMATED GIFS. WHY NOT BRING A BEAUTIFUL STILL IMAGE TO LIFE BY ALLOWING SOME ELEMENT OF IT TO MOVE INDEFINITELY?"]Crucial Pictures - Branded Content - Video[/hsv_intro][hsv_intro title="GREAT FOR SCENICS. LIKE STARING AT A SCENE IN A MOVIE THAT'S BEEN LOOPED."]Cinemagraph[/hsv_intro][hsv_intro title="THE BOTTOMLESS CUP - BRING YOUR PRODUCTS TO LIFE AND LOOP THEM. "][/hsv_intro][hsv_intro size="h3"]Cinemagraphs are fast becoming a popular social media tool and why not? They're much nicer to look at than just a pic. We can create images that fit your campaign by customizing their look and adding key words to communicate with your consumer. Use them on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. Honestly, how can you not want one?[/hsv_intro]