We believe that story is the way to a person’s attention and a person’s heart.
It affects and it’s relatable.

It’s the kind of connection to its¬†audience that a brand needs.

These are some of the awards we’ve received for recognition of our work.

Brand - Campbell - Video Production

Our relationship with Campbell not only was our first but help to define Crucial Pictures as the company it is today. When we were approached to produce a video that was not only documentary in style but that truly conveyed Campbell’s desire to help produce better food for foodbanks, our ability to do so set the stage for future work. Nourish was featured at the Lions in Cannes in 2012.

Brand - Colliers - Video Production

“Great Companies Need Great Spaces” was not only a tagline we invented but was part of a greater campaign for Colliers that we were entrenched in. Our passion is to not only deliver emotive storytelling but to be a part of the creative that helps get brands recognition.

Video awards - Brands - Kraft - Video Production

This is one of our favourite videos and a great example of how video is such a powerful tool for brands. We helped bring Hockeyville back online nationally with this video.

Video awards - Brands - Boys and girls clubs - Video Production

Boys and Girls Club.

Brand - Sunbeam - Video Production

Sunbeam is a brand that gets how connecting itself to a powerful story can bring them closer to their audience in an organic way. We loved this story before we began to hit the ‘record’ button.

Brand - Sunbeam - 2015 - Video Production

One of our favourite campaigns.

Brand - Tourism Toronto - Video Production

Yet another great example of a brand that values storytelling. This was one of our most successful videos not only because it was a powerful story, but that it was such a great cause. This is our proudest award.

Brand - Coleman - Video Production

One of the reasons we love what we do is because of the ability to help campaigns like this one. Coleman is helping Canadians to put down their electronics and get outside and bond with your loved ones.

Brand - Coleman - Video Production

Platinum Award – Hermes Creative – Coleman

Brand - Coleman

Marketing Campaign of the Year – CPRS – 2016

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